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Strategic Services

We believe there are several factors that contribute to the attainment of the planned value of learning. Uppermost in our thinking is the ability to relate elements of a strategic plan to the performance requirements they entail. Next, is the ability to evaluate investments that are made in learning solutions – both as those solutions are being planned and implemented, and over time as plans and performance requirements change.


Overall, organizations need to track the “pulse”
of their people to have a thorough understandingof their skill and knowledge requirements and to  benefit from what the people are learning through their own efforts, and through the best practices they adopt. In this way organizations can developand maintain the competitive advantage that exists in their people.

Strategic Services

Instructional Design

Web-based Training

NorthPoint’s Strategic Services are designed to help your organization address these and several other critical success factors. Like you, we know that learning is one of the more expensive solutions available to an organization. It is however, one of the most vital solutions. Done right, what seems like an expense quickly turns into an investment that pays many dividends.


  • Planning for performance – identifying the performance requirements of strategic plans
  • Operational assessments for training departments and training organizations
  • Curriculum design
  • Curriculum integration
  • Customized surveys and assessments
  • ROI and cost analysis
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