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About Us

Some years ago, in our studies on education, we came upon the following adage:

Jeff Prince

Nigel Dobereiner


“All learning begins in wonder.”

At the time it made wonderful sense and as the years have passed and our work has expanded to a variety of situations and needs, it has become even more compelling. People learn when they have a need to know, or have a curiosity for which they seek an answer.

So the best point from which to start planning any solution that involves learning is with the people themselves. What do they need to know and do? This is often one of the first questions we ask our clients. The answers we receive are the guidelines that direct us to the solutions we provide. When we follow these guidelines carefully we invariably find a way to provide learning that is meaningful, engaging and that stands a good chance of being transferred into daily practice.

NorthPoint Learning was founded in 2006. We began the organization to bring professionals together to address the needs of business clients. We have planned for our own growth and change and since this website is one of the key elements in our business, be sure to revisit us periodically.

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